My passion is for the gospel and training up an army of high-risk missionaries. For the past five years I have been passionately pursuing an assignment that God had given me to practically live by faith. The culmination of that assignment was when, based on a vision God gave me, I traveled to Africa on a one way ticket with three dollars in my pocket, no contacts, and without fundraising or telling anyone what needs I had along the way. For the six months I was there I never lacked, I saw daily miracles, was in 4 different countries, and I was supernaturally delivered from many impossible situations. I returned to the U.S. for the same reason I left, God’s direction given through a vision.

I have actually lived out the call of Jesus to “go, and take nothing with you” and in doing so I have seen the miracles of the book of Acts happen through me. I have raised the dead, cast out demons, and healed the sick. As a result of this God has given me a passion to show others how to live out what most ministers only preach.

What are you doing to play in the Kingdom of Heaven?