What’s in your…heart?

“The real issue is people’s hearts and until people take responsibility for what is in their own heart (bitterness, hatred, pride, condescension, mockery, etc.) there will always be people who hurt other people. 

People can be a victim outwardly, but they are never a victim at a heart level. Kind of like believing in Santa Claus…a child might not have known it was a deception when their parents taught them to believe it at 1 or 2 years old, but if they are 30 years old, still believe in Santa Clause, and point the finger at their parents for forcing them to forever believe Santa is real…they have problems…

 My point is that what is in a person’s heart (what they believe) is entirely THEIR CHOICE because despite what happens to them in life or the lies others tell them; they can, at any time, change what they believe (like choosing to no longer believe in Santa). 

It is called repentance.

If a person is bitter, they can choose to forgive. If they have been lied to, once they know it was a lie, they can choose to renounce the lie and believe the truth. 

No it is not easy, but it is possible.” – Devin Christensen 

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