Why is there no Water?

“If you would supply water, then please stop teaching for a moment and share your actual dreams, your true stories of God’s provision, and how your life has been changed.”

After returning from Africa and now as I look around places like LinkedIn, reading people’s articles and familiarizing myself with people’s professional advice (especially related to ministry), my heart breaks and I am reminded of a vivid dream I was given several years ago…

I found myself in a large lamb pen and was looking for the shepherds, I knew they were around somewhere but non were in sight. As I looked around I realized that there was finely refined food for the lambs everywhere. So much so, that it was several feet deep and trampled together with the dung. It had become inedible muck. The food literally overflowed from the feed and water containers and was so deep that the fences around the pen that kept the predators out could simply be stepped over.

As I walked around the pen the lambs were constantly surrounding me to the point that it was hard to walk. I looked around to understand why they were flocking to me and I realized why. They were dying of thirst.

I was heated! The shepherd’s responsible for this flock had left without providing anything to drink.

In irritation at the shepherds I roughly dumped the food out of the water troughs and fetched a water hose. As I attempted to fill the water trough the lambs were so thirsty that they drank it as it was being poured and nothing even made it to the trough for a long time. My heart began to have compassion on them and I slowed down and took my time. As I was watering the lambs, grown sheep that were outside the pen began breaking down the gate in an attempt to get water, so I started giving them some as well and as I did they transformed into little lambs.

I realized that unless the excess food and muck that covered the ground was dealt with the predators would get in and so I called (prayed?) for a river to wash the pen clean. It came and muck was swept out and fences restored to their proper height.

I then, still irritated, left that hose running in the pen and went in search of another water hose and to find a shepherd willing to take care of the lambs.

This dream probably applied to a specific situation I was in a while ago; however, as I look around at what people post I see an abundance of “food.” I see a lot of “5 steps to this” and “25 things for that.” They are filled with well refined knowledge… but where is the water?

Where is the power? Where is the spiritual strength to do the “8 steps for such and such?” Why is nobody sharing their God-given visions and dreams that they had which gave them the expectation and faith to go and build whatever business/ministry? (Not the “I want to do this or that” kind of dream but the actual night-time dreams and visions.)

Why are we still quoting and pointing to men and women from hundreds of years ago for examples of faith, miracles, and walking with God? Where are the personal, present-day, daily, examples of the miraculous works of God?

Does anyone else see that in the midst of all this fundraising, self-effort and kingdom building that the once good food (knowledge) has become nothing but muck and there are people dying for a single drink of genuine, life-giving, spiritual revelation? (that doesn’t come with a price tag?)

Where is the water?

If you would supply water, then please stop teaching for a moment and share your actual dreams, your true stories of God’s provision, and how your life has been changed.

4 thoughts on “Why is there no Water?

  1. Powerful and True word. This echoes the cries of my heart since my childhood. The Holy Spirit didn’t come so that we could talk about him, He came to fill us with power to walk like Jesus did, and even do greater things than these, Jesus said! Thanks for sharing!


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