Did God ask me to LIE?

My visa was up, I had until the 30th of the month to leave the country, and it was the 30th.

I had just enough money to get to the border (only had a few coins left after I paid the taxi). I had one day, until the 31st, on my visa for the country that I would have to cross into, and no money for a renewal. So, I did what God had shown me in a dream, I went to the border and crossed the bridge into the other country. As I was crossing the bridge, I was calmly but urgently asking God what to tell the immigration officers on the other side. They would surely notice that I had only one day left and ask me about it. Very softly I heard, “a friend is going to buy you a ticket and you will fly out.”  Only one problem….What friend? I didn’t even have a place to stay and I certainly didn’t have a friend who had volunteered to buy me a plane ticket.

Did God just ask me to lie to an immigration officer?

I stepped into the border office, which was surprisingly empty, and smiled at what I saw. Everyone in there was watching soccer and cheering exuberantly. I walked up to the officer and handed him my passport while asking which team he was rooting for. He smiled (a rare expression for immigration officers) and told me, he then looked at my visa and absolutely deadpan, said, “you have one day left on your visa, what are you going to do with one day in our country?”

I replied, “a friend is going to buy me a ticket and I am going to fly out tomorrow.”

Oh, he said, “can I see your flight information.”

I replied “this is Africa, you can’t plan these things ahead.”

He paused…laughed….stamped my passport and said, “Welcome to our country”

I left the office and walked into the border town. I was very fervently telling God that I had no money, no food, no place to stay, one day left in a very dangerous country, and I was once again in a country with no contacts. I couldn’t go back and I couldn’t go forward. His response? “Go into town, sit down and wait.”

I sat there for 30 minutes until out of the blue my phone rang. I knew that I had enough roaming airtime for about two minutes before it would cut off the call. The person calling? A truck driver that I had met in the previous country, calling to ask if we could meet up and talk.

I said, “Hey, sorry but my visa was up I had to leave the country.”

“Oh, where are you at now,” he replied.

“I am sitting in the middle of  _______ town in ______ country”

“OH!!! That is where I live! I just got into town last night. Do you have any plans for this afternoon…?”

Me: “uh, nope. No plans.” (laughing and praising God quietly)

Him: “I will come pick you up, where are…”

Me: “hello? Hello?” My minutes had expired.

He found me. I spent the afternoon with him and his wife and they invited me to stay the night, I had told them nothing about my visa situation or lack of money. As we were visiting I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share a very intense story of how God had me successfully walk a gentleman through deliverance from homosexuality. I could tell as I was sharing that it was having a profound impact on the gentleman. After a few minutes he flat out asked me if I would be willing to go to South Africa to pray for his brother who was in bondage to a lot of what I had described in my story. I told him that it was up to God and not me. We prayed and God reminded me of a dream from several days before that I had not understood (how could I have known this was all going to take place). So I told him the dream and told him frankly that yes God wanted me to go but based on the dream I didn’t think his brother would meet with me. He said it didn’t matter, he would do anything to help his brother, and that he would go first thing in the morning to buy me a plane ticket to South Africa. So, on the 31st of the month, I had a friend buy me a ticket and I flew to South Africa.

So, did God have me lie to the immigration officer?

Welcome to Kingdom Play 😎 😀

10 thoughts on “Did God ask me to LIE?

  1. So good to hear about what you are doing.

    I’ve often wondered about you and your journey.

    Will be watching for more updates.

    Lifting you up in prayer.

    Be blessed!

    Donna Widney

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    • Hey Donna! It is great to hear from you, I hope you and Daryl are doing well. Thank you for the kind words! There are a lot more updates and stories coming.

      May God’s favor be with you today,



    • The short version of that encounter is that a gentleman in his sixties (in the U.S.) asked me to pray for him. He did not explain for what until we sat down and talked, all I knew was that He was a prominent businessman and a Christian.

      As we talked He began explaining that he had been molested by relatives from the age of 5 on into his teen years. He had then fully embraced the homosexual lifestyle until his early twenties when he became a christian. He later got married and had kids but could never get complete freedom from those desires. When we talked his wife had divorced him and he was really struggling. I asked him to close his eyes and inform me if God showed him anything. I then stared praying for him in the name of Jesus, asking God to show us the root of this bondage. After a few minutes he looked up at me a bit startled and said this “as you prayed I just had this incredible picture of a dragon wrapped around generations of my family, it’s head was in my stomach and it’s tongue was sticking out into my son and grandson.”

      Honestly, I had never had anyone describe that scenario before but at the same time I wasn’t very surprised. I had walked others out of demonic bondage several times before and had people describe everything from rodents and snakes to lions and dragons. Anyway, I then asked Jesus to tell him the name or function of this spirit, he said he heard “self-comfort.” I asked Jesus to tell him why this spirit had permission to stay in his life. A few moments passed and he said that he needed to forgive the person who had molested him and repent of when he had willingly chosen to engage in homosexual sex even after he knew it was wrong. He did and then, in Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to leave, and it did. We then prayed about other areas of bondage in his life and several other spirits left. After almost 60 years of struggling, he was set free of multiple strongholds in a few hours of prayer.

      That is what deliverance means.

      That is the freedom Jesus promised and at least 1/3 of the miracles described in the new testament are deliverance stories. It is a large part of what I do. Why me? Because God has given me the ability in my heart to understand the difference between who God says someone is and the spiritual battle they are losing.

      Most people’s bondages be it to homosexuality or lying are simply being beaten up and robbed by spiritual foes. Only through mercy can you help someone get set free, and demons only leave when commanded in the name of Jesus.


      • ‘repent of when he had willingly chosen to engage in homosexual sex even after he knew it was wrong’ – wrong according to whom?

        ‘Most people’s bondages be it to homosexuality or lying are simply being beaten up and robbed by spiritual foes’ – so when you out and out lied to the immigration officer that was????

        I am not Christian nor of any other religious sect but I am a believer in the Source, I feel we are connected by vibrational energy, and am a believer in signs as I think the Source is always communicating with us; so I can understand the conversation this gentleman and you had. And what this person suffered is truly horrific and my heart goes out to him and yes forgiveness is absolutely the road to redemption.
        But your use of demonic/demons is scary – like there is good and evil but as a Christian I guess that is how black and white your view would be. I don’t see the world like that. And of course I can’t agree on your homophobia either. This man you spoke with is gay and he will never be able to pray the gay away. Being gay is not a choice. Being gay doesn’t mean the Source or as you say God loves you less. And more importantly if two people want to be together and they are of age – then what gives anyone else the right to have a judgement on them.
        You are of course entitled to your opinion but I have to say on behalf of my LGBT brothers and sisters I am sad that this narrowmindedness exists in the world.
        I just want peace and love for all and this only comes with total acceptance.


      • 🙂 I think we have more in common than you realize. You are right in saying that being gay does not cause God to love you less, and it shouldn’t cause people to either. Anyway, I have no quarrel with you or with any homosexual person, this person came to me because he wanted freedom and I was probably the only person who neither vehemently attacked him for wanting freedom, saying it is impossible or condemned him for having lived that lifestyle, as you are correct in assuming that most Christians would do. I simply saw a hurting person who needed help and cared enough to set aside my judgements in either direction and simply ask Jesus to reveal what was needed for him to get free.

        As for demons, I really don’t feel the need to provide evidence for them. Most people have had plenty of creepy encounters with their nastiness both as kids and adults. I will say, if you (or others reading this) have those encounters try crying out to Jesus in the middle of it, the results might surprise you.

        I do believe that you want peace and love. I also believe that a lot of judgemental people have been very unkind and downright evil to you. For that I am truly sorry, it wasn’t and isn’t right.

        My prayer for you is simply this, that you would prosper even as your soul prospers.

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      • I think it is great that you are unafraid to go to bat for your friends and the people you see being mistreated, that mamma bear reaction is good. There needs to be more of that in the world. 🙂 Thank you for your questions and responses, I love a passionate soul.

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