Did God ask me to LIE?

My visa was up, I had until the 30th of the month to leave the country, and it was the 30th. I had just enough money to get to the border (only had a few coins left after I paid the taxi). I had one day, until the 31st, on my visa for the country … Continue reading Did God ask me to LIE?

What’s in your…heart?

"The real issue is people's hearts and until people take responsibility for what is in their own heart (bitterness, hatred, pride, condescension, mockery, etc.) there will always be people who hurt other people.  People can be a victim outwardly, but they are never a victim at a heart level. Kind of like believing in Santa … Continue reading What’s in your…heart?

Why is there no Water?

"If you would supply water, then please stop teaching for a moment and share your actual dreams, your true stories of God's provision, and how your life has been changed." After returning from Africa and now as I look around places like LinkedIn, reading people's articles and familiarizing myself with people's professional advice (especially related … Continue reading Why is there no Water?

What does a Vision, Judgments, and Healed Relationships have in common?

I watched as what looked like a very thick laser beam of red-ish light came out of the man's left eye and slowly made its way towards me. It centered in on my chest and began pushing me backwards. I jerked up and quickly looked around to see who had pushed me backwards, it had … Continue reading What does a Vision, Judgments, and Healed Relationships have in common?